Social Responsibility

Natural Pharmaceuticals’ Social Responsibility commitment is built on our vision and belief that we can change the world. It is based on our core business and the expectations of our clients, employees, owners, as well as our core values and company culture.

We firmly believe this approach will build trust among our clients, create value for our clients and Natural Pharmaceuticals Group, as well as enable us to contribute to things that will be visible in everyday life. We want to help educate people in leading a healthy lifestyle and understanding its importance , as well as in how to help each other. Therefore we have decided to support the initiatives below:


In some countries where our company is present, we have decided to support UNICEF by donating money in the name of our clients. This is to help them in their work – giving children a better life in areas of the world where it is most needed.

We believe that this way we can really make a change in children’s lives.

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Nowadays our lifestyle is full of changes. Therefore we believe that informing and educating the public about the usage of AED (automated external defibrillator) devices can help many of us in our daily life. In addition, it is important to educate people in first aid. Both of these things will help us improve the level of safety in public places and positively affect actions carried out to save human lives.

Therefore, Natural Pharmaceuticals is donating AED devices to chosen places where they can be used by as many as possible in the countries where we are active.

So far we have donated 6 AEDs and our mission will continue to make more of them available to save even more lives.