Our newly developed omega-3 premium product which was introduced at the end of October 2014.

This is an omega-3 product that fulfills all the requirements a demanding omega-3 user is looking for, with a capsule containing 90% of omega-3 fatty acids.

The 90% concentration gives an extremely high dosage of the very important omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. With only one capsule a day, you will reach the levels that the EU body, the European Food Safety Authority, have set as necessary in order to have a beneficial impact on the heart, brain and eyes.

It also contains the daily recommended levels of vitamins D and E. Thanks to the high concentration the size of the capsule can also be kept small to make it easy to swallow. This product has also passed the stringent quality tests that the German working group – Arbeitskreis Omega-3 – have drawn up and can therefore proudly carry their stamp of approval.

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