Our markets

Natural Pharmaceuticals was established in 2010 in Warsaw, Poland by three Norwegian entrepreneurs. Now, 10 years later, it is operating in eight Central Eastern European markets. The company has over two million customers in the region. It has already fulfilled over 4.5 million orders for food supplements and the number keeps growing daily.


You can visit our Polish website here.


You can visit our Hungarian website here.


You can visit our Croatian website here.


You can visit our Slovenian website here.


You can visit our Lithuanian website here.


You can visit our Estonian website here.


You can visit our Latvian website here.


You can visit our Romanian website here.

  • GOED
  • Krajowa Rada Suplementów i Odżywek
  • Firma Przyjazna Klientowi
  • Zdrowa Marka Roku 2020
  • Dziecięca Marka Roku 2020
  • Męska Marka Roku 2020
  • Firma z sercem - UNICEF
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