About us

Our story and philosophy

Norway is a country where man and nature are one. We live surrounded by nature, gaining health from its power and wealth. The beauty of our country lies in its breath-taking fjords, its blue sea, boundless landscapes as well as its healthy and strong people.


Our fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers fished in crystal clear water, they relaxed while breathing non-polluted air. They enjoyed health and well-being well into old age. Simple, healthy food went into forming our families and also millions of other Norwegians. The amazing yet severe nature in which we grew up has influenced the philosophy of life by which we live.

Our principles

We believe that the key to good health is the right nutrition and living your life in harmony with nature. Our main goal is to care for our customers’ health and well-being. We realise that everybody, regardless of their age, needs a reasonable and well balanced diet.
We believe that dietary education can, and should, be introduced at an early age. Getting a child to eat healthily guarantees not only its normal development but also forms proper eating habits. It also prevents various illnesses and this prevention should begin at the earliest possible age.


  • Vision - shaping another future

    We at Natural Pharmaceuticals have a vision of being the experts in the omega-3 market. We will achieve this by offering high quality, healthy products. We also want our customers to know about all the benefits our products can bring to their life. This is a goal we at Natural Pharmaceuticals will achieve with passion, energy and respect for our customers.
    Jonas Törnquist
    CEO Natural Pharmaceuticals Group

Our mission

We would especially like to provide you with an essential dietary supplement containing omega-3 fatty acids. We are pleased to be able to point out that our products are some of the leading products on the market. We have been trusted by hundreds of thousands of people who use our products every day and who enjoy the benefits of omega-3 and, in particular, the fatty acids EPA and DHA.

We offer you products of the highest quality and an incredibly convenient delivery system – straight to your home. Our innovative technology lets us offer you a dietary supplement tailored to the needs of each and every person who considers their good health to be imperative.

Omega-3 fats should be a part of our everyday diet. In today’s world we rarely have the opportunity to prepare meals which fully satisfy the everyday nutritional needs of a family. We simply eat too little fish nowadays.

Increasingly, healthy unprocessed food is replaced by food of little nutritious value. In consequence we fail to provide nutrients required by our bodies such as vitamins, minerals and above all omega-3 fatty acids. Therefore it is recommended to regularly provide the body with vitamins and minerals necessary for health in the form of food supplements.

Norway is one of the top countries when it comes to fish consumption . Despite that, out of concern for their health, Norwegians supplement their diets with omega-3. We work in many different countries in Europe, sharing our passion and experience.

Our dream is that people will take advantage of our knowledge. And above all – lead a healthy lifestyle.